March 23, 2022

Some Betty Rubble Minutiae

Some Betty Rubble minutiae, but first ... is that a cute dog, or what? He's a miniature Siberian Husky named "Kai," for the Hawaiian word "sea" because he has a blue and a brown eye.

Anyhoo ... we got to talking to Alex ("... short for Alexandria"), who owns the pooch. (I loved her purple braid and the skulls on her hat.) 

Petite Factoid: Alex mentioned that her great-aunt Bea Benaderet played the beloved "Betty" on ... yabba, dabba, doo .... "The Flintstones." 

PS: I loved "The Flintstones" when growing up. Especially since my mother (Betty) had a best friend named Wilma.


Laurence Waltman said...

Love this Bonnimo... aren't you glad you can talk to strangers with ease - you never know who you are going to meet. BTW - I LOVED The Flintstones growing up.

Bonni Brodnick said...

Yes!!!It's a gift. I think you have it, too. I LOVED The Flintstones. Especially because my mother (Betty) had a best friend named Wilma.

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