January 25, 2022

Here's Part IV of my "Double-Vision" Series: "Falling Into a Weird Niche"

                                            Photo by Photos_frompasttofuture on Unsplash

What would my life be like without the “pirate” episode in the popsicle line at Maplewood pool when I was six-years old. (See “Part I: My World in Double Vision”). Or foregoing after-school sports for after-school eye training to strengthen my eye muscles (See “Part II: Being Called ‘The Four Eyed Freak’”) at age seven. I wouldn’t have visited Dr. Bass, The Strabismus Specialist (See “Part III: Are You Holding Up One Finger or Two”).

The goal of every ophthalmologist or optician I continue to see is to merge two images. But it hasn’t worked. So the appointment usually ends with at least trying to make the two images look, if not merged, as if they are side by side. Finally, the eye doctor and I are satisfied, but it’s a weird niche to fall into.

Click here:  "Part IV: Falling Into a Weird Niche"

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