December 15, 2021

"Write a Novel in One Week!" (in 150 words)

                                                        Photo by James on Unsplash

I was giving a talk on my book, Pound Ridge Past, to a group of sixth graders. After the presentation and Q&A, a student came over to ask me a question.


“Can you help me think of an idea for my book? I want to write a novel, and I thought I’d do it over winter vacation.”


Write an entire novel in one week?” I asked.

“Yep,” he responded.

What a feat! I came up with a few ideas: He wore blue sneakers, a blue T-shirt, and blue jeans. Maybe on the color blue? Or what about stretching what he did over vacation into chapters?

“I think I like the blue idea,” he said.

I’ve been writing a novel for years. Is there something about being a sixth-grader, full of energy and promise?

“Good luck!” I said encouragingly to the young writer.

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