September 20, 2021

"My New Electric Pencil Sharpener: Get to the Point"


Get to the point already, wouldja? 

Awwwright, awwwright. Click below for my latest blab in MEDIUM,


Getting to the Point"

And while you're there, notice at the end of the piece it says,

"Get an email whenever Bonni Brodnick publishes".

Go ahead ... don't be shy.


Laurence Waltman said...

I bought an electric pencil sharpener during the lockdown and it CHANGED my life. I love it. Sharpening pencils give you immediate gratification. Thank you Bonni for shedding light on this wonderful experience!

Bonni Brodnick said...

LHW, is that you?!? I'm taking a break from sharpening my pencils to thank you ever so much for your comments. I'm delighted to know that you share my bliss.


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