April 13, 2021

Seamless at 90-Years-Old


My 90-year-old mother is so funny. And picky. I was visiting her at The Maplewood in Connecticut (we grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey so it is quite a coincidence that her assisted living place is the same name). We decided to shop on Amazon for panties.

She kept screaming, "No seams. They can't have seams. They need to be seamless."

FINALLY, we found the perfect ones: "Marilyn Monroe Intimates Women's Sexy Seamless Underwear, Hi-Rise Brief Panties (5Pr)."

I dashed Mom an email this morning to let her know that I ordered them. Ever the fashionista, especially for a nonagenarian, she wrote back, "Are you sure there are no seams on the bottom? I hate to see pantie lines."

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