February 3, 2021

On MEDIUM: "How a Stroke Straightened My Priorities: Gratitude Lights the Way"

       "It was Easter Sunday morning almost four years ago. I was picking up my then 86-year-old mother and bringing her to my place for the afternoon. On the way home, while driving on Interstate-95, I had a stroke. I wasn’t feeling stressed. I had no numbness or weakness in my face, arms, or legs. I was fit and healthy. I wasn’t stressed, confused, lightheaded, or dizzy. I didn’t have a headache. The truth was, I FELT NOTHING.  ..."

        To read more, go to MEDIUM,

"How a Stroke Straightened My Priorities: 

Gratitude Lights the Way."


joseph lembo said...

So touching. We are all so happy are doing so well. We love you very much.
xoxoxo Joseph

Bonni Brodnick said...

Thank you, Joseph. xox

Nate For Less said...

nice post

Bonni Brodnick said...

Thanks, Nate For Less. Appreciate your reading the piece!

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