December 4, 2020

Free Labels! Get'em while they're ... NOT!


This is what happens when organizations send out free labels that really miss 
the mark. When you open the letter and say, "I didn't even order these." When 
you wonder if the person who type-set them is all right.

Didn't they know that "Mr." doesn't work with "Bonni" because "Bonni" is a 
girl's name? And that girls rarely get a "Jr." after their name, unless you're 
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, Jr.

For some reason, these labels made me think of the movie, "Call Me By Your Name." My name is "Bonni K. Brodnick," or "Bonni D. Brodnick," depending on when you met me on my timeline. No "Mr." No "Jr."

It's always a funny when a non-profit organization makes a plea for my money by including "personalized" labels that don't even spell my name correctly. NOT!

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