April 22, 2020

Remembering The Oklahoma City Bombing, 25 Years Later

This week marked 25 years since the heinous bombing of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people, including 19 children. Thank you to my friends in Pound Ridge -- including Marlene Harnish Gallagher, Marianne Shearer, Cynthia Wetzler, Deborah Howland Friedland, Jennifer Leith Moore Stahlkrantz, Jean Mann, Stacy Patrick, Jenny Marshall Weisburger and many more -- who joined my effort to honor the children who perished by planting a garden of daffodils next to the playground at Pound Ridge Community Church. I was able to reach Melva Noakes, director of the nursery school. When Jean told her about what the mothers of PR were doing, she immediately flew out from OKC for the unveiling of the project. (I even got TWA to cover her round-trip ticket fare.). It was a very moving day for us all.

Source: "My Feature Stories in The New York Times" by Cynthia Magriel Wetzler

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Cynthia Magriel Wetzler said...

Wow Bonni, What an incredible day that was. And what a dynamite team we are!! xxxoooo Cynthia

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