May 6, 2018

Poster Child for A-Fib

So here I am, doing research for a new writing project. I googled "atrial fibrillation." In the right-hand column I see ... no, wait ... is it really ... ME?  (Click here)

The chick in the photo looks exactly like me (plus 30 lbs. ... like, me when I was in college and cooking at Helio's, a Greek restaurant on Martha's Vineyard, and I couldn't get enough of the tahini frosting). 

Can you believe I'm the poster child for A-Fib? I look crabby and disgruntled to have disorganized electric signals and heart palpitations. Plus, I appear to have the grimace of being irregular ... with heartbeat, that is. 

My mother said, "Bon, do you have glasses like that? I really think it's you. Maybe they took it of you and you didn't know."

And my sister said, "Call Central Casting!"

Let's just say ... it's a beautiful coincidence.

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