April 16, 2018

My Stroke: 1-Year Anniversary

Today is the 1-year anniversary since I had my stroke. I am thankful and grateful for many, many, many things. My family, for their patience, love and encouragement. My friends, for their steadfastness and love. I'm grate-full (new word for "full of gratitude") for being able to walk, talk, think, see, feel ... and dance at my son's wedding. And I am thank-full to Joe Manno and Janie Parks for stopping on I-95, calling for help immediately, and being my Good Samaritan saviors.

The County Journal story, "South Jersey Couple Hailed as Good Samaritan Saviors," appeared on the front page (top-of-the-fold!). Many thanks to reporter Deb Marko and her editors for deeming it worthy of this attention. Today, it runs in the Chicago Tribune ... joining Philadelphia Inquirer, U.S. News and World Report, Washington Times, and many other publications in spreading good news. In a country that is so divisive, it sends a national message: Be kind and thoughtful. Go out of your way to be a Good Samaritan,

On this 1-year anniversary, I wrote to Joe and Janie to thank them " ... so much for stopping and helping me. You truly saved my life."

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Paula Cappa said...

Applause! Applause! You are an inspiration, Bonni.


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