December 23, 2016

Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater" Goes Gingerbread

Forget about decorating a roof with gumdrops, window frames with Skittles and shutters out of candy canes ... culinary artist Melody Dearden knocks it out of the park with this gingerbread house based on Frank Lloyd Wright's architecturally brilliant Fallingwater, located in Bear Run, Pennsylvania. The cookie version (complete with a candy waterfall) took 12 hours to design and 40 hours to assemble the 164 different pieces made from roughly 12-square feet of gingerbread. The daring creation (above) is a close replicate of Wright's cantilevered wonder (below). 

A first place winner in a gingerbread bake-off, Dearden received the following distinguished comment: "WELL DONE and entirely deserved FIRST PLACE. Great-grandfather, (I'm FLW's great-granddaughter and an interior designer) would be proud and looking for royalties! Your rendition was festive and infinitely more attractive than the 'thrown up candied Santa intestines' of your competitor. There is just no accounting for taste."

And with that ... Can we eat it now?

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