October 25, 2016

Eye Know

I can particularly relate to this because I started wearing glasses when I was 4-years old. At 7, I "graduated" to wearing a patch on the right eye of my glasses. Some of the names people called me included "Pirate" and "Four-eyed Freak." Rather than play sports after school, I went to eye training to strengthen my eye muscle. I would go into a dark room where there were other kids with weird eyes sitting at stations. We watched little red foxes jump over fences. There were also spinning black and white spirographs.  

The whole field of "Eye Training" was debunked ... and I eventually had to have two eye operations anyway. One to pull the muscle out (for crossed-eyes) and the other, decades later, to pull the muscle in (for wandering eye).

It has been an ocular journey, for sure.

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