September 8, 2016

Don't Hold Your Garden Bounty in My Face

Don't hold the bounty of your vegetable and flower garden up to my face on Instagram and Facebook. This year, I had the worst garden ever.
Above are my (sad) zinnias. Even with Deer-Be-Gone and No-Deer-Tonight, this usually flower-ful variety was nipped at all summer. I didn't get one damn bloom.

Here is but one of my withering hydrangeas. Last summer, they were bloomy. This summer, not so much. 
And last of all, I don't even know what this is. A mixed-breed Coreopsis Threadleaf and Long Island Daisies? Even the mulch has run away from their hideousness. To top it off, early-autumn leaves are beginning to fall on top of them. Poor things.

But I swear, I CAN garden!!  Here are shots from better, more fruitful seasons:

There's always next summer ...

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