April 24, 2016


                                                                                                 Graphic Design: Gina Federico
                                                                                                 Photograph: Fran Collin

On Saturday, I met a cherished friend for breakfast at Kitchen Table, a small farm-to-table café in Pound Ridge, N.Y. I felt like the Queen of Maharashtra with so many friends coming up to the table to say hello. Between chats and catch-up, I took bites of one of my favorite (and most renowned) items on the menu, Avocado Toast.  What is it?  Avocado mixed with lemon, EVOO, crushed red pepper on multigrain toast topped with micro-greens and a farm-fresh egg, over easy. Ordering that, and a cup of English Breakfast tea (with milk on the side), along with sitting across from a great friend and ... running into old friends from my beloved Pound Ridge ... and I call that a perfect morning.

Someone asked where to find my book, Pound Ridge Past, so here's the skinny: 
brand new, second edition, signed copies of the book are available directly from me on Amazon. Click here to land directly on the page. 

And while you are there, notice that beautiful cover?  I am ever-grateful to Gina Federico (graphic designer) and Fran Collin (photographer) for their out-of-the-ballpark talent and collaboration. 

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