March 6, 2016

"Downton Abbey" Takes Its Final Bow

How will this marvelous series button up the story line/s tonight?

Here are a few conjectures. (Top row, left to right):

Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson get pregnant.

Thomas will get the BF he has long needed. (His character has so mellowed out from the PITA gossip-boy he was in the beginning, hasn't he? And, we are happy he stopped smoking.)

Mr. Molsley leaves housework behind to become a full-time teacher so that he can get summers off.

Daisy teaches the guy to her left how to read and they open an independent school in Fairfield County.

Mrs. Patmore marries the pig farmer and they successfully augment their business by selling sow's-ear purses.

Mr. Bates and Anna open a night club.

Sprat teaches Grandmama how to Charleston and her life takes a new turn. 

Cora and Robert keep waiting for the next meal.

Mary gets a new wardrobe to carry her through. To where, we're not sure. Hollywood?

Edith stops the doe-eye stare. The Marquess comes back to marry her and Marigold learns to talk.

Isobel Crawley marries Dr. Clarkson and, after a long honeymoon in St. Barth's, make their home in Brooklyn.

Bottom row (left to right):
Mary's son is hardly seen in the picture above because he is hardly seen out of the nursery. (I'm not even sure he has a name.)

Marigold - See Edith (above).

Bring out the crumpets! Sound the trumpets! "Downton Abbey" closes the doors to the romance and intrigue of this beloved PBS series. Its devoted viewers (me and millions of others) will soon have nothing -- absolutely nothing -- to do on Sunday evenings.

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