February 12, 2016

Stella is Stellar

Here is a montage I put together of Frank Stella's retrospective at the new Whitney Museum in Lower Manhattan.

This prolific artist creates in all media: paintings, prints, sculptures, reliefs, maquettes, and drawings. I especially like Stella's minimalist approach to the flat surface and his exuberant juxtaposition of colors. His abstract geometrics are equally as bold as his scrap-metal sculptures.

The website, Artsy, has terrific info on Stella. Click here.

And here.

Give your eyes a feast. Stare at the montage (above) and then at a white piece of paper.
What do you see? Is there an after-image of vibrating colors?

In a spontaneous "Life is Art" moment, here is someone (not me) enjoying a Stella moment by posing in front of his work. 

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