February 26, 2016

Bonni Brodnick's Birthday ... Party On!

I have been fêted for three solid weeks! Since February 3rd, family, friends and colleagues have presented cakes, gifts, and flowers; given parties, toasts, and dinners; and sent cards and good wishes. Big birthdays have a much softer landing when one is surrounded by love.

Thank you all!  


stevenjared0853 said...

Nice post about Bonni Brodnick's Birthday! Would love to see the photos too from this bash. My grandfather turned 80 in last week so there were huge celebrations in the family. You know he got 3 back to back parties. My dad hosted the vintage themed bash at one of the event venues Chicago and it was the best among all :)

Bonni Brodnick said...

Steven, salutations to your grandfather on his 80th! (And bravo to your dad for hosting the vintage themed bash. Creative!)

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