October 31, 2015

Puffy Halloween Frosting

Have a few minutes to spare before you get ready to dish out Halloween candy to the kiddies or go to a witchy splash with friends? It will only take a sec to tell you about this devine fluffy frosting. I have no idea what the holiday has to do with the frosting, but patch in a flying witch in the upper right corner and throw a carved pumpkin in the middle, color the spread orange ... and voila ... it's a Hallowe'en ad.  This one boasts that the pack of puffy frosting will "lavishly frost (TYPO! There should be "a") large two-layer cake or up to thirty-eight cup cakes."  (DOUBLE TYPO!! Numbers over 10 are written out [38] and "cup cakes" is a compound word.)

Also, why is "Guests" in quotes?  Did something happen to them after eating this stuff? And have you ever "whisked" frosting on a cake? 

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