September 29, 2015

Griping in the Steam Room

The other day I was in a mentholated steam sauna. Another person swathed in a white towel soon followed after me and took a seat on the white tiles. As the steam blasted, the air got foggier and thicker with eucalyptus mist.

While I tried to focus  a c u t e l y  on relaxing, the person across from me swore for the entire
10 minutes that she was in the steam room.

"*#!%#?*!! I hate this. Why am I here?" GROAN. "This mentholated air stings my eyes. Uggh ... I can't stand it. *#!%#?*!! What do people like about this?"


Point being:  Stop complaining. It's annoying ... especially in a steam room setting. If the mist is too hot, get the *#!%#?*!! out.


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