September 8, 2015

Empty Nest, New Beginnings

To all of those experiencing a quiet house after dropping off your progeny at college, click here for my Huffington Post, "Empty Nest, New Beginnings."

Although you might not have an immediate house-wide celebration, be patient. After 18 years of raising your child, it's natural to take some time before you appreciate not having to worry about their post-party driving. Bid adieu to the feeling of guilt that the refrigerator is running on low. Adios to nagging about deadlines and homework. Take a back seat. (Helicopter parents, note: it doesn't do your child well to hover too closely.)

There is something liberating about not shopping for dinner and feeling the angst of "What should we eat tonight?" No more worrying, "Did they not make their bed in the morning?" Feh. "Do I care if they're late for class?" Meh.

On one of our first nights as empty nesters, for dinner, my husband and I feasted on two cocktails. And a bowl of peanuts (for protein.)

Full disclosure? It was grand.

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