August 26, 2015

How to Add Bling To Your Dance Costume (à la Liberace)

I'm not sure how this dance costume info landed in my email box, but I'm lovin' it. I mean ... who doesn't want to know how to add rhinestones to their dance costume?  Count me in!

Click here to learn how to create scattered, flower, geometric or fade patterns. And while you're at it with the glue gun, save a few rhinestones to do something crafty with your iPhone. (See below.)

This is called the Fade Pattern. It is so special that we are captializing the "F" and the "P."

Some people are forerunners in the art of rhinestone bling. And for that, we love them. Forever. Thank you, B Dancewear, for the great tips on how we can create the look of Liberace. (I mean it.)
Liberace: The King of Rhinestone Bling 

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