May 25, 2015

On Moving: It's a Bee-yatch

Let's face it ... moving is a bee-yatch. Today's task included throwing out more love letters from ancient beaux (why did I hold on to these for so long?) and spending way too much time reading old journals. Another time-stopper was looking through old photos, taking a shot of them with my phone and sending them to friends, "Look! Remember?! Adorable or what?"

Also packed lots of boxes of give-aways with twin-bed bedding, oil paintings from art school (again, why??) and books, books, books.We are making headway in the barn. Closets inside are looking bare.

I was thrilled to bequeath rakes and a tiny grill to a great friend.

We were invited to a Memorial Day BBQ and loved giving some antique plates to my cousin.

Tossed ancient wicker into the dumpster. (One of the chairs barely made it through a cocktail party last summer, so it was truly time to go.)
This is a photo of one of the chairs in its glory days.







The Morale.

Look forward.

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