May 5, 2015

Moving On: Feeling Blessed

Would you like to come on my journey? Husband and I are moving on. In the good way. After 22 years of living in a beautiful home in the country, we took a one-year hiatus to figure out where we wanted to next homestead. We are embracing the next chapter and heading closer to the city.

I am feeling exhilarated and blessed to have the opportunity to re-nest with this guy I've loved for the last 30 years.  A new chapter is underway and away we go! Come with me as we shed stuff, pack up and land.

Packed winter sweaters and corduroys, leather and velvet pants. Next went the heels, high-, ankle- and puddle boots. Layered the top of the box with winter pocketbooks. I am excited to know that the next time all of this is  unpacked (next fall), husband and I will have settled in our new home. We are like newlyweds deciding on new colors for the walls, and what will go where.

Furry friend is close at hand. He senses change afoot.

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