April 14, 2015

Was that LISL STEINER I saw at The Kitchen Table?

Lisl Steiner ... The venerable and formidable. 


Now in its second printing, Pound Ridge Past is a delightful anthology of historical and personal recollections of life in Pound RIdge from the rural 1920s to the swinging 1970s.

The book includes first-hand accounts of Hiram Halle, an American businessman, inventor and philanthropist, and his impact on Pound Ridge; what it was like to attend one-room schoolhouses (much to Eleanor Roosevelt's dismay), what was the town buzz the day World War II ended, or when Albert Einstein was a surprise guest at a local party. Also dazzling the calm of the countryside were such renowned celebrities as Tallulah Bankhead; Frank Morgan (the "Wizard of Oz" himself!); Buster Crabbe; Shirley Jones; Eli Wallach; Ann Jackson; Zoe Caldwell and Robert Whitehead; writer Westbrook Pegler; radio sports legend Howard Cosell and "Tom and Jerry" cartoonist Jack Zander. 

POUND RIDGE PAST was a collaboration of 
Pound Ridgers Bonni Brodnick (author, writer, Huffington Post contributor)
Gina Federico (graphic designer, blogger on Modern houses, Modern architects and Modern design) 
and Fran Collin (celebrity portraits and fine art photographer.)

POUND RIDGE PAST: Remembrances of Our Townsfolk is now available at 
The Kitchen Table
in beautiful #ScottsCorners 

Also available at Amazon
Contact bonnibrodnick@gmail.com for more information.

Lisl is also the star of a youtube "What's Underneath" episode, "Society is Kaput & Other Truths From an Ageless Spirit." Click here. 

She's also my muse. Click here for a Huffington Post, "Don't Be Possessed by Your Possessions." Listen to Lisl lay it on. She is simply fabulous.

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