January 22, 2015


High heels, gowns, and big hair. It's all there on this strangely girl-ish app called "Prom Salon."

As I walked into the locker room at the gym, I noticed two 6-year old BFFs, sitting on a bench, intent on their iPads, waiting for a sibling to finish swimming lessons. The girls dragged tiaras, dresses and necklaces from the right margin onto the cyber-figures which are touted as "3 models from different continents." 

I asked the girls what they were playing and in unison they looked up at me and responded, "Prom Salon."

"You change their outfits?" I asked.

"You can even change their earrings," one of the girls said.

Or lipstick, eye color, eye shadow and hair color. Select from the "Makeup Section," "Dress up Section" and ... "Male Partner Chosen Section." Once the perfect girls are finished getting dressed, they can be shared on Facebook or email.

In one of the reviews, someone wrote (sic):  
"I really like playing makeupgames but I play them so much they all look the same, tthis one however is slightly different, but not enough to be awesome. I wish this game was more fun and exciting, I know that this game used to be fun but now I dread playing it since nothin is NEW about it! Over all if u have never played this game I think u should get it but U WILL GET BORED WITH IT TRUST ME!!!!!"

The girls continued dressing the "models." I tried (hard) to think what possibly is the upside of this app. 

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