November 19, 2014

Do you "Serve from the left, clear from the right?" -- Here are 10 Helpful Tips for Thanksgiving Dinner

                                                      Maren Caruso via Getty Images
It's almost turkey time. 

Conversations abound with, "How many guests are you having for dinner?" and "What sides are you serving?" and "Are you brining/marinating/smoking/deep-frying/steaming/grilling/rotisserie-spinning your turkey?"

Feeling pressured?

Check out my Huffington Post, "10 Thanksgiving Tips for Turkey Day: Keep it Real."
(Click here.)

Have any Thanksgiving tips you'd like to share? And is it gauche to make more than three pies if you have 10 guests or less at the table? And do you know how to break it politely to someone that they've got a stray glob of mashed potatoes on their chin? Read on.

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