October 15, 2014

My Mom: On Giving Back

My Mom, Betty Kogen

My 83-year mother has been a volunteer at Norwalk Hospital for I don't even remember how many years.

During our conversation today, she mentioned that they moved her volunteer assignment from ICU to colonoscopy.

"I loved helping families who had someone in ICU," she said. "It was a great feeling to try to keep them calm. But being in the colonoscopy unit, I can really comfort people. When a patient comes out of the procedure feeling a little woozy, I get them water or a blanket. I love being able to put a blanket on them. That's really hands-on helping. I love doing it."

What have you (I?) done to comfort someone today?

My mother is an inspiration to:

1. Give to others.

2. Keep involved.

3. Share the love.

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