September 6, 2014

How to Harvest Hydrangeas

My hydrangeas are billowous with bloom and ready to harvest. Late summer to October is the optimum time.

For beautiful arrangements that last practically forever, here are a few tips for drying hydrangeas:

1.  Choose flowers that are completely opened. If the bloom is a little wimpy, come back in a few days and see if it has matured.

2.  Pick them when the flowers begin to lose color but are still lushy.  Be sure to pick them before a big rain storm, otherwise they will go from peak to brown quickly and you may have missed the boat for prime harvesting.

3.  With sharp pruning shears, cut the stems on the diagonal (either direction,  / or \ , is fine.)

4.  Remove the leaves. Arrange the stems in your favorite vase without water.

July Blooms

5.  Let the blooms dry. (Weak stems can be hung upside down, but the fuller blooms will hold their form longer.)

October Blooms Plump for Harvest
6. Spray the blooms with a mixture of glycerin (you can get it at CVS) and water to help keep them supple. Spray the blooms with hairspray to help them retain their color.

7. Enjoy the bountiful beauty of this glorious flowering bush.

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