July 30, 2014

It's a Flukelele

I am learning to play ukelele (in Hawaiian pronounced "oook-ah-LAY-lay").  Yesterday I got a brand new "Fluke." (That is the name of my instrument.) I even got a gigbag (so that I could carry the new uke to my Adirondack chair in the fields.)

My inspiration to play is:
1. My son is an amazing and long-time uke player.
2. My daughter lives in Hawaii. (Aloha, Annie!)
3. I went to college with ukelele pioneer Jim Beloff, who founded Flea Market Music. (We were in theater together. I did set-design and Jim wrote the music for a play called, "Dizzy, Daffy and Arthur".)

*Note: This photo was taken at a luau in Kaui'i. (That is not me in the middle.)

4. I love to sing. (Singing is easy while playing.)
5. The soulful rendition of "Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole really grabs me.
6. I like learning something new.

Today I learned my first three chords:  C G Am F

Was able to "play" Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" and Howie Day's "Collide." Sounded meh for starts but was SO much fun.

Go know. It's a Fluke. 

Many mahalos (pro: mäˌhälō/ = Hawaiian for "thank you") to Phil Williams, owner of New Canaan Music, for all of his help in picking the uke that fit the bill perfectly.

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