June 11, 2014

Kaui Adventure: It Just Keeps Crowing

                                                                                         Roosters at the Beach
Roosters are omnipresent on Kaui. In 1992, Hurricane Iniki destroyed chicken coops and the birds went flying across the island. Result: chickens and roosters are literally free-range now. They are in parking lots, at beaches, in the mountains, by waterfalls. The crow of the rooster is everywhere, and it's like they live in Las Vegas. They have no definition of morning, afternoon or evening. It's cock-a-doodle-doo all day long and into cocktail hour. The roosters' crow finally stops when the sun goes down, but they stand ready on the sidelines to jump in and welcome sunrise.
                                                                              Rooster by the Roadside
                                                     Rooster Photobombing Shot of Taro Fields

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