April 19, 2014

Isabelle et Vincent Pâtisserie in Fairfield: You'll Feel Like You're in France (Vraiment)


When you walk into Isabelle et Vincent, an authentic boulangerie/pâtisserie/confiserie/chocolaterie/Viennoiserie in Fairfield, Conn., you will feel transported to France. My mother and I went for an afternoon outing and enjoyed Croissant d'Amande and cappucinos in a niche off the bakery that truly felt like we were in our good friend's dining room in Argentan, a small town in Normandy.

On this Good Friday before Easter, Vincent Koenig, a seventh-generation pastry chef and chocolatier from Alsace, and his wife Isabelle were busy baking their buttery and exquisite signature specialties. Said Vincent as he created a gâteau with fresh fraises, "I love what I do and am proud of my work. I also love when someone goes out of my bakery with a smile."

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