April 4, 2014

Flubber, Silly Putty ... and Mercury?

Springtime brings out the best in figuring out what to do with those long-awaited added hours of light. Like playing Chinese Jump Rope until the sun goes down. Slinging a Slinkee down the front steps. Chewing on Silly Putty. Making hilarious sounds of flatulation with a Whoopee Cushion on unsuspecting sitters.

I have to admit ... I LOVE this stuff. (And I'm an absolute fiend for Cat's Cradle. I dare you to beat me.)

Thought you'd enjoy this past post.  Click here for more on the joy of Flubber, Whee-Los, B'Loonies and hula hoops. It's that wonderful time of year to pull out all the tricks.

P.S.:  And remember the handheld game of rolling mercury around in the palm of your hand? It was like dancing in clouds of DNT when the "Mosquito Man" came.

Click here for sheer mercury madness. (Would you everrr do this now that we know that playing with mercury is detrimental to your health?  You might as well eat sushi 8-days a week to spread out the impact.)

What's your favorite spring fling?

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