April 1, 2014


In what appears to be a stunning reversal of the Polar Vortex, we awoke this morning to an 82-degree day that immediatley impacted the growth rate of flora in the northeast region.

Particularly amazed after a long winter that brought 21-degree nights just last week, one Wilton resident said, "It's absolutely nuclear what is happening. Not only is the pussy willow tree in bloom, but joining it are the peony bushes ... and those usually bloom in early-June."

Said another resident, "I started my tomato plants from seed in egg crates on the kitchen counter. Overnight, they have burst into full-grown tomatoes.  I'm even making sauce later today!"

And still another resident boasted about her over-night basil explosion. "I usually harvest my basil plants at the end of August. It's completely bizarre that they are ripe for picking as we speak. Guess who's making pesto later?" she jested.

While we all enjoy this unusual and sudden change in weather, it is a peculiar twist of fate that just as we are moth-balling our cashmere sweaters and giving a long-awaited adios to winter boots, scarves and mittens, today we are drenched in sweat from the high heat and and extreme humidity on this April 1.

The State of Connecticut has issued a thunderstorm warning and caution to turn off your air conditioners if you are out of the house for more than an hour.  Be sure your pets have water and most importantly, stay cool.

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