February 4, 2014

Is this Another Snowmageddon?

Cloudy, sleet, snow, cloudy, sleet, snow ... I'm no weatherman, but are you detecting a pattern here?

Get ready for the next big snowstorm on Wednesday. And once you're plowed out from that, get ready for the huge snowstorm lined up for this weekend.

Batton down the hatches. Fill the hurricane lamps. Fluff up the down blankets. Be sure you have extra batteries for the flashlights. Practice alternative ways to keep your hands warm:
   1. Blow on them.
   2. Sit on them.
   3. Have someone else sit on them.
   4. Put them under your armpits. (My brother told me he learned this in Boy Scouts.)
   5. Hug your cat or dog (and don't let go until your digits have defrosted).

Most importantly, to prepare for the next winter storm, be sure there is chocolate in the house. (It warms the soul on the most blustery day. Studies have proven it. I swear.)

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