February 26, 2014

Calendar Reminder: "Inconvenience Yourself Day" is February 26

Many are counting the days before this polar vortex-y, snowmageddon-ish winter 2014 is over, and Wednesday, February 26th is one of the last days of the month to really whoop it up with "Inconvenience Yourself Day."

What to do to celebrate? Try to put someone else before you. "Inconvenience" yourself by letting the other person go first at the light (for extra credit: flash the peace sign or a thumbs up), write (not email) a thank you note, give someone you love an extra-long hug, hold the door for an elder, or call a friend you haven't spoken with in awhile.

Feel free to enact some other/any random act of kindness today. You've got 24 hours to prove yourself a better person.

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