December 10, 2013

Holiday Gift Giving: "Underpants For Your Head"

Often times, my head feels naked. A friend picked up on the plight and at a recent party, gave me the near-perfect gift:  "Underpants For Your Head."

Not sure if she was kidding or not, I slipped the tighty-whitey accessory over my head. "The Look" was beyond a conversation stopper.

No one talked to me for the rest of the evening. (Was my ear showing??)

At the next holiday grab bag, guess what you might receive from me?  (I believe in Santa Claus and re-gifting.) Unless you staunchly prefer boxers, "Underpants For Your Head" gives new titillation to  holiday gift giving this year. (When you open the box, make me feel good and pretend this is something you've always wanted *<|:-)


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