December 17, 2013

Artist Frederico Ferrarini Brings Vision to the Canvas

Artist Frederico Ferrarini
     It was a snowy night in Pound Ridge, but I saw sunshine  … or at least paintings that could represent the sun, the universe … something omnipresent. At Abitare Designs  art opening, designer/owner Jacqueline Kornblau introduced Frederico Ferrarrini, who flew in from Valpolicello, Italy for the exhibition of his latest work.
     “When I discover new artists, I look for passion, the ability to connect materials and meanings that relay a sense of life and creation in its deepest form," Jacqueline said. "Frederico Ferarrini has a sensibility that is the secret to real art. He allows the viewer to connect with the source that brings the subconscious to life and creates visual impact.”
     With simple lines, Ferrarini’s paintings go from the micro-ism to the macro-ism.  The result is a vibrating ring of delicate lines that, from different angles, feels like one is also looking at an eye, an inverted globe or from atop a dome. 
     Seeking to create from a sense of purity, Ferrarini is both an artist and an alchemist. He makes his paints from raw materials. “By crushing the dolomites, I feel the very soul of my materials.”
     The work is illuminating … especially during these dark December days of winter.
Jacqueline Kornblau, designer/owner of Abitare Designs
Abitare Designs represents artists from around the world. The studio also offers full-service interior design, including custom made furniture, rugs and floor coverings, upholstery, window treatments, lighting plans and fixtures, tiles, painting and faux-painting, decorative accessories and architectural enhancement. Contact Jacqueline Kornblau at T: 914-764-3381/M:914-295-7210 or

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