November 3, 2013

Time Change / Time for a Change

1:00 AM  - I feel like tonight is New Year's Eve. We just moved to Wilton yesterday and I am waiting for 2:00 AM to watch the time go back an hour for Daylight Savings. I will have officially hit the "Restart" button.

1:48 AM - I am watching the time change on the clock in the upper right corner of my screen.

1:53 AM - It's also like I am trying to win a bid on eBay.

1:57 AM - It's 1:57 AM. Do you know where your children are?

1:58 AM - Two minutes and counting.  (But who's counting?)

2:00 AM - Wow. That was intense.

1:00 AM - I'm not even tired any more.

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