October 1, 2013

Moving Onward, Upward, Inward, Outward ... and Sideways

What's it like to move from a house that's taken 22 years to create a home? We are in the thick of it. With a son living in NYC and loving the 20-something life, and a daughter teaching math on a military base and eating poi-poi on Oahu, my husband and I are absolutely/no kidding around, in a brand new stage of life.

We are looking from high-rise apartments, to cottages and carriage houses, with views of lakes, brooks, harbors and fields. We are opening ourselves up to the heavens for new adventures. We are waiting for Godot. We are waiting for Guffman. We are ready for the next big thing within a radius of 25-miles.

Stay tuned to the adventure.  (That's what life should be about.  Right?)

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