October 17, 2013

Breaking Camp: The Art of Packing

Did you know that there is an art to packing up a house in which you have lived happy days and raised your children after 22 years?

There is.  You start at the corner and work yourself out.  (Did Gandhi once say something about this same topic? Maharaji Juju? SIgmund Freud? Julia Child?)

Upcoming is an interview with Deborah Golden, proprietor of Golden Hands Packing and Moving. She's a real shaker on this front. (And I mean, she shakes, doesn't break. She knows all the right moves.)

As soon as I get the major zones packed up, we'll find a chair to sit on so that I can chat with Deborah about the "Art of Moving." (It's not something you see in a museum, but you can be assured an artful mover was on-hand to pack that Van Gogh original from Arles to the Met.)

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william oscar said...

Personally I think overjoyed I discovered the blogs.

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