September 9, 2013

Summer's Fall

The summer wardrobe packed for this late-August vacation is now out of season. Blaring orange, pink and green patterns on my Lily Pulitzer shifts, once so light and bright on a hot summer evening, are now garish on a cool September night.

The ocean temperature is down 10-degrees from two weeks ago. On land, shrub oaks burst with baby acorns and purple asters are in post-August bloom.

Sunflowers reach as high as they will this growing season and the spring wheat planted in May bends gently with the wind. Clouds are brilliant white in the clear cerulean sky and, oh, the Golden Rods, so pointed in their gesture as they extend their flowered limbs.

It's an early-fall day on Martha's Vineyard. Glorious September on an island now quieted from the summer crowds.

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