July 18, 2013

POUND RIDGE PAST: "Anna Scheid Gossett: The Hiram Halle Era"

     In POUND RIDGE PAST: Remembrances of Our Townsfolk, Anna Scheid Gossett recalls growing up in the 1930s and her father's affiliation with Hiram Halle, an impresario, industrialist, entrepreneur and visionary whose remodeling and restoration of houses greatly impacted both the look of the town and the lives of many townsfolk hard hit during the Depression.
     "Mr. Halle purchased and remodeled The Inn at Pound Ridge for his good friend, Emily Shaw. He added on the wing where the kitchen is, and rented it to Emily as an inn. ... We felt attached to that place. There was a bar downstairs made from an oak tree that was perfectly straight, which came from our woods. We were very proud of that."

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POUND RIDGE PAST -- now in its second printing -- is available on Amazon.com, Booksy Galore, Scotts Corner Market, The Pound Ridge Museum and The Kitchen Table.

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