June 4, 2013

POUND RIDGE PAST-- What a cool Father's Day Gift

POUND RIDGE PAST: Remembrances of Our Townsfolk—written by Bonni Brodnick, with graphic design by Gina Federico and photographs by Fran Collin—reveals what life was like from the rural 1920s to the swinging 1970s in this beautiful town that is often referred to as "God's Country." The book includes first-hand accounts about attending one-room schoolhouses, the day World War II ended, a party at which Albert Einstein was a surprise guest, and tales about farmers, basket makers, artists, teachers, merchants, socialites and local glitterati.

Actors and producers, including Tallulah Bankhead, Frank Morgan (the “Wizard of Oz” himself), Buster Crabbe, Shirley Jones, Eli Wallach, Ann Jackson, Zoe Caldwell and Robert Whitehead; writers Westbrook Pegler and George Bria; radio sports legend Howard Cosell; “Tom and Jerry” cartoonist Jack Zander; and violinist Florian ZaBach were just a few of the celebrities dazzling the calm of the countryside.

The book—now in its second printing—was a collaboration of Pound Ridgers Bonni Brodnick (author, writer, HUFFINGTON POST blogger); Gina Federico (graphic designer, blogger on Modern houses, Modern architects and Modern design) and Fran Collin (food, celebrity and portrait photographer.)
Great Father's Day gift!  

Order a personally signed copy at POUND RIDGE PAST .
Signed copies are also available exclusively at design solutions on Elm Street in New Canaan, Conn.

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