February 12, 2013

Eleanor Roosevelt's Visit to Pound Ridge

                                                                                                        Photo: Fran Collin

     "George T. Bye, Eleanor Roosevelt's literary agent, lived on Trinity Pass. One summer, Mrs. Roosevelt visited him and was taken to Rock School. She was shocked that only 38-miles from Manhattan, Pound Ridgers were so backward as to still have a one-room schoolhouse system. There was no proper heating or ventilation, and we still had privies out back, one each for the boys and the girls.
     "There was thought that Mrs. Roosevelt may have been the kickoff for the Union School, which opened in 1939. ... Pound Ridge Elementary School was called 'Union School' because it unified all five one-room schoolhouses in town." ~ Excerpt from POUND RIDGE PAST: "Bob Suda: Halloween Thrills in the 1940s."

     To read more about country life through the eyes of a young boy, pick up a copy of POUND RIDGE PAST, available exclusively at Booksy Galore, right in the heart of Scotts Corners/Pound Ridge.

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