February 18, 2013

Mr. Matthew Crawley (1890-1921)

Okay, "Downton Abbey" devotées ... here I go. I was incredibly disappointed with last night's ending of Matthew getting creamed in a car accident. (And if anyone cries "Spoiler," I'll scream. Get with the program, kids. The news was out there, and it's actually been out there from British press, since December.) That said, creator Julian Fellowes toyed with our emotions as dedicated viewers. Wasn't it enough that Lady Cybil died in childbirth? Did we need another death following a joyous birth? Couldn't viewers have been left with season 3 finale's happy memory of a new heir to DA? The death of Matthew in no way is a cliff-hanger to lure the audience to watch Season 4. I will be counting the months anyway.

Also, if Fellowes had wanted to keep in the Mr. Crawley character, another actor could have replaced Dan Stevens. I know, I know ... he is too handsome for words and he is excellent in his role ... but remember the role of Darrin York in "Bewitched"? The role went from Dick York to Dick Sargent without a stitch. (Even Gladys Kravitz was played by two characters -- Alice Pearce and Sandra Gould--throughout the run of "Bewitched.")

How about "James Bond 007"? Without much ballyhoo the character has been played by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

Matthew Crawley, R.I.P. The rest of us will balk and gripe about your untimely demise.

Then again, could it just be a dream?  Stay tuned for Season 4. And fear not. We hear that there is already a suitor lined up for Lady Mary.

Carry on.

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