February 5, 2013

"Downton Abby" / Episode 5: Mr. Bates's Limp & Other Pertinent Stuff

A few pertinent perspectives (pertinent, at least, to those who are "Downton Abbey" fiends ... such as myself):

Whatever happened to Mr. Bates's limp? His rehabilitation from the circular prison walks appears to be going magnificently.  However ... why is he still 40-pounds overweight?  Prison food must be pretty good.

Enough flirting between the footman and the new cook (who dared to wear blush because it's "... all the rage, Mrs. Patmore.") This burgeoning story line needs a little spice. Mix it up.  Get it baking. Turn up the heat.

I always appreciate my mother-in-law stepping in when there is momentary marital strife (which there NEVER is).  We are grateful to the Dowager for bringing together Cora and Robert. Bravo for the line, "People like us are never unhappily married."

We shall forever curse that doctor-of-the-stars who wore a smoking jacket during Sybil's labor. The outfit alone should have given us enough warning that he was taking it all too casually and that all he was really thinking about was "Me, me me." Whatever happened to white coats with the doctors' names embroidered in blue-threaded script above the right pocket? And that certain formality of ... je ne sais quoi?

Lady Edith: is it me or what, but she is starting to look more beautiful.  The slightly longer hair is more becoming to her slightly long nose.

Lady Mary ... graceful and poised as always. Matthew ... handsome and eloquent as ever.  For the moment.

Stay tuned.  Sunday is only a handful of days away.

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