August 10, 2012

Google Interactive Doodles -- Get in the Game!

If you are missing out on the daily Google doodles (go to Google's homepage), then you are missing out on the thrill of being an armchair Olympic athlete.  Don't be shy ... I'll wait ... hit the link. Put your athleticism to the test with such challenging solo competitions as "Synchonized Swimming," "Basketball," "Hurdles," "Javelin," "Football" and "Pole Vault."

Get in the game! I, myself, practice for hours and hours, and my muscles don't even hurt!  Even after multiple rounds (would we call it "regattas"?) of "Slalom Canoe."

I am surely a hopeful for the 2016 Google doodlympics.

Put yourself in a goalie position. Catch the Olympic Spirit right here ---> Google's homepage.

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