August 20, 2012

GMAB (Give Me a Break) #1: Poolside Etiquette

      While at Victoria Pool in Saratoga Springs, there were four particular people speaking loudly (two different conversations at two different sides of the pool. Lucky me ... each time I picked up to move, I could overhear one of them.)  They spoke about their kids, how one should be at the front of the line because she's the kind of kid who will get lost in the back; how another one has a son who is generating so much laundry now that varsity football practice has kicked in, how her husband is 6'7"and can we believe it? and so much more.  Is this stuff interesting? Uhmm, let me think about that for a nanosecond.


Poolside etiquette: speak only at a decibel that can be heard by the person/peope right next to you.  In other words, speak softly. Why??  Because we don't want to hear you blabbing non-stop about your life and your kids when #1: we don't even know you, #2: we're trying to have a quiet afternoon swimming and reading and #3: We don't care about your life and your kids because #1: We don't even know you.

Give me a break.

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