June 22, 2012

Let's Get Catty: Feline News in the Brodnick House

     Last year was teary on the pet front. We had to put our 16-year old cat, Augie, to sleep and and two months before that we had put our beloved 14-year old Corgi, Willis, to sleep. Our hearts were broken and our home was empty. We are finally back in business with an adopted cat named Truman Augustus Brodnick, a 2-year old Tabby rescued from the SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. (www.spca914.org/)Out of the cage and into our arms. We are in 
l - o - v - e.

Here he is in his cage at the ASPCA. We initially spotted him on the website and his little face, along with the writeup caught our eye.  (Petlovers, get out your tissues):

"My Name is 'Rockwell'

I seem to have gotten lost from my family. Yes, I did have a family but I went for a walk and I could not find my way home. A Good Samaritan noticed me wandering around in a parking lot and brought me to the SPCA. I am sweet, friendly, love people and I am very handsome. My pictures do not reveal just how handsome I am. So come and visit me and maybe we can adopt each other!"

Who could resist? The stretch of his arms when we went to hold him, the nuzzle, the fur, the .....AAACCHOOoooOO000ooOO!!  (I have allergies.)  Sneezing aside, we knew many people prefer to adopt kittens instead of 2-year old cats. The kitties we saw were too clawwy. With this bruiser, there was no guessing what his temperament would be, because he already was sweet as pie.

After passing the approval process with a solid reference from our vet, we filled out the paperwork and voilà ... a new member of the Brodnick family was born. We were thrilled! He was sleepy and slept the whole way home in his new crate.

The first night, he was still tired from the mammoth life change and new space in which to roam. Not loving the name "Rockwell" (his shelter-given appellation), we referred to the cat as "him," "it" or "cat." Being that the him/it/cat he was starting life anew, he also needed a new name.

May I present to you ... (drum roll, please ... and not too loud or you'll scare the cat) ...     
Truman Augustus Brodnick.

Admit it ... he's getting handsomer by the minute, isn't he?  

Truman Augustus Brodnick is named after our 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman. Do you see a resemblance? I definitely do.

You can't deny it ... they look like twins separated at birth. See the smirks, the whiskers, the white collars. Truman took off his glasses for this shot because he wanted to look younger, but other than that, these two look like they are one and the same from the same mold.

Here comes the shpiel:
Thousands of abandoned, abused, and/or lost cats and dogs are in need of loving homes. Visit your local shelter and give God's creatures the chance for a new life. Share the goodness of your heart with animals who need three simple things: to be sheltered, fed and loved. If you need help finding a shelter in your area, please let me know and I'll help you find it. Heck, I'll even drive you there if you need a lift.

And so begins a new chapter in our and Truman's life. Let the love-in begin.

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