April 28, 2012

Sag Harbor: More Beauty Wanted

What's better in life than spending the weekend with best friends? Along with taking long walks, visiting garden centers, driving past windmills and high hedges, we visited an art gallery in town. The owner, a former Goldman Sachs-er, spoke about the new trend in paintings: people are craving beauty and realism. 

"Someone mentioned an exhibit at a modern art museum in NYC. One of the pieces portrayed a woman with a long line of you know what trailing out of her you know what.  Is this art?" the owner said. 

We need more beauty in our lives.  

I say, "Wear mascara."

"Refresh your lipstick after every meal." 

"Patronize realism."


Laura Grenning said...

In this age of mediated communications....we are all craving what connects us to each other, and what connects us to nature. We are bored with "art" that celebrates the bottom (no pun intended) third of human experiences, as mentioned in your posting. 21st century artists, writers and scientists are looking for truth in nature and all of humanity - as we had decades, in the 20th century, to gaze into our navels... and we didn't find the everlasting truth..we found lint.

Bonni Brodnick said...

Many thanks for your comment. Looking for beauty is a forever quest. The artists you represent in your gallery bring the viewer back to an aesthetic reality that is often overlooked in the rush of 21st century.

Readers: Next time you're in Sag Harbor, check out The Grenning Gallery (90 Main Street). Beautiful.

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